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Short CV Jaap A. van Vliet        

Jaap A. van Vliet was born in Hilversum, The Netherlands (1949).

From 1973 Jaap worked in youth care, forensic psychiatry and in probation teams, as a social worker, manager and policy adviser, and from 2002 at the Salvation Army Youth care and Probation services. In 2008 Jaap also became a part time senior researcher at the Research Centre for Social Innovation at the Hogeschool Utrecht [University of Applied Sciences Utrecht] in the department ‘Working with mandated clients’.                                                                                                                                                Jaap  retired in 2014 and now he works as a free-lance senior consultant and researcher in forensic psychiatry, rehabilitation and probation.
Most of his publications, including six books and contributions to and chapters in various works, deals with probation, forensic psychiatry, restorative justice and the connection between judicial authorities and general social services.
As well as this, Jaap is also a member of the Committee of supervision at the Forensic Psychiatric Centre Pompekliniek, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, a member of the editorial board of ‘Proces’, the journal for Criminal Justice, and a member of the Commission Ethics in Forensic Psychiatry.
He has two degrees in Social Work and received a PhD in 2006 at Tilburg University.          Jaap’s PhD thesis: ‘Detention under a hospital order (Tbs) in its social context. The relationship between Forensic Psychiatry and common mental health’.